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Your partner in Brandmarketing, Lead generation and Facility

AboutDeals can offer a variety of services for companies abroad which will join or expand the European market. Due to our experiences we can offer you a partnership and fullfill your company's needs.

We are a group of freelancers, each with their own type of experience and skills, joining together as a strong team. Our mission and pleasure is to help foreign companies to start or expand their ambitions in Europe. We have gained our confidence and experience while working for companies like CME-Shipping, Samsung Electronics and Hyundai

Feel free to visit our website and find out if we can be a help for you or your company.


We can support you making your brand or products familiar to a wide range of potential buyers in all Europe.

Lead Generation

Due to our professional network and surveying possibilities we can offer a very good and reliable list of direct leads

Internet Services

We can host, deploy and maintenance various European-based webadresses and mailadresses if needed.

Facility Services

We also have possibilities to manage a European Branch-office, Drop-shipments  or arrange housing for expats


For more informations or questions, please fill in our contact-form.